Chengzhi Xu

Mr. Chengzhi Xu, an outstanding tai chi master in China, was the founder and Chairman of Taichi Association of Beijing Foreign Studies University. He had taught taichi (mainly Chen style) in Beijing for more than 8 years. In 2005, he helped setting up the Taichi Association of Foreign Ministry, China, being the Vice President. His students have won many taichi competitions in China. More than 1000 people have learned taichi from him.

Master Xu began to learn China Shaolin Gongfu since 10 years old. He switched his interest to Chen style taichi in 1997 when he met Master Su Feng, 12 th generation master of Chen style taichi who is one of the inner students of Master Ma Hong, one of the top 13 taichi masters in China. During the past 15 years, Master Xu has never stopped practicing and teaching Chen style taichi and meanwhile he also learned Yi Quan, Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Ba Gua Zhang in China. Besides learning from Master Ma Hong, he also visited and learned from Master Chen Yu, Master Zhijun Zhang and Master Qiuxin Tian, who are also the top masters in China. His Yi Quan (Da Cheng Quan) is learned from the Grandmaster Chengrong Yao and Grandmaster Xuanjie Wang.

Master Ma Hong is well-known for his Chen style new form learned from Master Chen Zhaokui, the school leader in 10 th generation. This new form is called “new” since it is firstly known to the people outside Chen family in 1950s. For hundreds of years, it is only taught within Chen family. The form is an art of circles. It is the most complicated taichi form in China and it is possibly the officially recognized earliest taichi form in China. Master Xu would like to broadcast this form in Germany with opening a class in Moritz taichi school in Darmstadt. The class will learn the 1 st section containing 16 movements of the 1st form. Coming to the course will enhance both of your taichi skills and understandings. It is also a good opportunity to refresh yourself and touch the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The course will be taught in English.

Master Xu will also open a Yi Quan Course in Moritz School. This course is more focusing on Standing Pillars (Zhan Zhuang). The effect of Zhan Zhuang has two main benefits: training the 6-direction combined strengths and your Qi inside the body quickly. Yi Quan is also very effective in self-defense. Many Chinese taichi masters learn Yi Quan as well. This couse will contain the so-called 7 magics: Zhan Zhuang( standing pillars), Shili (testing strengths), Mocabu ( Steps), Fali (power explosion), Shisheng ( voice test), Jianwu ( Energy dance) and Push hands. The course is less complicated than taichi.

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